# Vision of TABUSO

# from 2016

It all started in 2016 when executives Takei and Nakamura visited Cambodia for the first time. Several trips to Cambodia, and the relationship I met there, lead to Ly Songkhay worked in Japan at the time. After his returning to Cambodia, we set up a new company called TABUSO in search of a partner to practice digital solutions in Japan.

# for Combodia / Khmer

There is a relationship between Japan and Cambodia, and we are thinking of contributing to Cambodia by further expanding that relationship. Although TABUSO is now active as a Japanese business participant, it continues to make efforts to cooperate with the development of many business people and engineers to further develop the digital industry in Cambodia. I will continue.

# Pan-ASIA

TABUSO is a company promoted by Cambodian people, but we are not targeting only Cambodia and Japan. Looking ahead to Asia, which will continue to expand, we will promote business targeting Pan-ASIA.